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Luu Nguyen Wholesale

Our Story



2002   Our first company was established, it was one of the first private travel agencies in Vietnam at that time.

2005   We had the representative office in Hanoi.

2010   Our new subsidiary company was established to meet the booming travel demands in Vietnam. Beside travel business, we also started our new trading business.

2012   Our travel agencies are among the top 10 best travel agencies in Vietnam, we had many business partners not only in travel business but also in trading business all over the world.

2016   Luu Nguyen Trading was established.

2020   Luu Nguyen Trading has changed to Luu Nguyen Wholesale (LNW), we do FMCG wholesale distribution in Vietnam and export our local products to the other countries. We act on the behalf of various branded FMCG manufacturers.

2021   LNW put additional efforts to support food banks in Vietnam as people struggle to meet the increased demand, shortages in food donations and logistical complexities related to the operations.

2022   Commodity prices are on the increase across global markets by close to 5%, LNW still kept growing fast. The use of e-commerce for consumer goods has become a new habit that stays with Vietnamese consumers even after the pandemic.

2023   The local real estate sector, bond market… ran into some hard times this year, in turn, led to a drop in consumer confidence. We increased by a single digit percentage, much lower than last year 2022. However, Vietnam continues to be a bright spot in the regional and global economies.   

Our key aim is to establish full synergy with brand owner’s existing sales operations and seamlessly translate the home market strategy into international taking into account all aspects of export distribution complexity. Whether you are a distributor looking for new vibrant brands or a brand owner trying to approach overseas distributors, contact us to see how we can assist your business. We are your right B2B business partner in Vietnam, our slogan of “Cùng nhau * Tăng trưởng” which means we are together raising the performance based on the win-win strategy.



EFFICIENCY: The security offered working with a strong supplier with a full range of products and with the advantage of having a global infrastructure in a global environment. We channel the needs of our clients, offering all the services from start to finish of every transaction available.

QUALITY: The trust of having a wide range of products under the most stringent quality controls. We know the market, suppliers and manufactures well so you do not worry about the low quality products.

COST: Being a leader in Vietnam and leader in product marketing gives us the opportunities to access to major brands. The internationally recognized, most representative brands are part of our catalog to offer the best quality and service at low cost to our clients.

SPEEDWe have worked in partnership with a number of clients for years and will continue to do so. Our people have in-depth knowledge of the sectors they recruit and are considered leaders within their profession at greater flexibility and speed.

We’d rather hear from you than talk about ourselves. Our promise is simple – to raise the performance together with our clients and business partners. Let’s get going!

Thinh Luu

Chief Executive Officer

About LNW

Our Mission 

From its beginnings, our group has worked to make a positive social impact through our client engagements and charity projects. Our promise to our clients, our people, our communities, and our planet is to create lasting benefits for the societies in which we live.

Our Vision

FMCG experts strongly believe that each business partnership has to be built on trust, transparency and respect. Our vision is to become a leading partner providing export solutions to major Vietnam and non-Vietnam FMCG brand owners and introduce our local Vietnam market to oversea brand owners. 

Our Values

We are your right B2B partner in Vietnam, our core values are: Efficiency – Quality – Cost & Speed. A global partnership in more than 40 countries, our people make us who we are. We’re individuals with different passions and strengths who take as much joy in the work we do as from those we work with.

Luu Nguyen FMCG Wholesale

Luu Nguyen FMCG Wholesale

Luu Nguyen FMCG Wholesale

Luu Nguyen FMCG Wholesale



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