Agricultural Products

Vietnam dominant crops include coffee, rubber, cashew and rice. In more recent years, aquaculture and fruit production have grown substantially and are export-oriented as well. Discover what’s possible when you partner with us!

Luu Nguyen Products
Luu Nguyen Products

Tropical Fruits

Pomelo (grape-fruit) – Durian – Mango

Global GAP and ISO 22000 standards for quality will bring real benefits for the fruit production and exports of Vietnam and beyond the standard application this will ensure faster and sustainable development through the provision of safe fruits, have clear origins, values of economic efficiency, especially creating more types fruit exports clean, green and environmentally friendly. Our export fruits meet these strict standards. We also provide the best ways to transport a large quantity of fruits by ocean freight.  


Catfish (pangasius) – Shrimp – Tuna

Japan is given the rank of the first importer of Vietnamese seafood, accounting for 19% of Vietnam’s total seafood export volume, reaching $547.53 million and declining by 1% from last year. The second is the U.S with $490.16 million, accounting for 17% and decreasing by 3.8%. Exports to the EU reached $425.19 million, accounting for 14.7% and declining by 13.2%. Sales to China reached $373.18 million, accounting for 12.9% and decreasing by 2.3%. Sales to Korea reached $282.81 million, accounting for 9.8%, down 8.4%. Catfish (pangasius) is one of Viet Nam’s main fisheries exports, shipped as it is to 119 markets and fetching billions of dollars in sales annually. Last year they were worth over US$2 billion.


Oyster – Straw – Fungus – Button Mushroom  

According to the National Agricultural Extension Center, the Mekong delta region and the southeast provinces have great potential for year-round culture of medicinal mushroom and eating mushroom thanks to favorable weather and agricultural residues. Acting director of the Extension Center Tran Van Khoi said that mushroom cultivation has developed in southern provinces generating good profit for farmers. Currently, farmers can cultivate 16 kinds of mushrooms with annual mushroom output of 250,000 tons earning US$ 25 – 30 million from exports.

Noticeably, exports of oyster mushroom earn $2,600 per ton relatively higher than other agricultural products regardless of mushroom cultivation helping to treat a large quantity of agricultural residues and offering employment for locals, Mr. Khoi said.


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Luu Nguyen FCL

FCL (Full Container Load): Choose the 20 feet or 40 feet dry container at your most cost saving way.

Luu Nguyen LCL

LCL (Less a Container Load): Normally small order of one pallet is accepted. Please contact us to double check if it’s available with your chosen goods.

Mixed Container

Mixed Container: Choose what you need and then we build your own container. It’s very convenient when you have a whole container of yourself.