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Our will never ask for Credit Card details and request that you do not enter it on any of the forms requested. Please double check with us if you find the changes of bank account or the beneficiary.

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At LNW, all the accompanying documents will be provided such as Sale Contract, Packing List, Commercial Invoice… When clients pay the rest of the balance, we will surrender BL in order to receive the goods on time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does LNW have an office in Hanoi - Vietnam?

Yes, LNW does. LNW main offices (company, representative office, warehouses) are in Ho Chi Minh City. Because of the regional culture, LNW does have representative office in Hanoi for business and merchandise distribution. 

Does LNW have its own warehouse system?

LNW has its own warehouses which have the system for bar code reading and verification, inventory tracking and reporting.

Are Luu Nguyen Wholesale and Luu Nguyen Trading the same company?

Yes, our official name is Luu Nguyen Trading Co. Ltd., a full licensed trading company registered in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. Luu Nguyen Wholesale is our registered trademark. 

Do the LNW export merchandises have the C.O / CFS?

Please double check with us about C.O (Certificate of Origin) and CFS (Certificate of Free Sales) of the merchandise. Most of our Made-in-Vietnam products have the C.O and CFS. To the branded products are considered as the commercial products, we do not provide C.O or CFS.

Covid-19 Pandemic and LNW

As COVID-19 dramatically impacts our lives, families and communities, LNW is conducting business with an even greater sense of urgency and responsibility. At LNW, we’re continuously Raise Performance • Together. Although we don’t know how long the pandemic will last or what the overall impact will be, we know that by working together there will be better days ahead.

How is LNW handling the Covid-19 pandemic?

LNW always takes the health and safety of our associates, customers and business partners very seriously, but especially during these challenging times. We have a designated team consistently monitoring updates. Teams across the country are staying up-to-date on current information that affects our suppliers, customers and our associates. They are prepared to implement further plans as the outbreak continues or if we experience any disruption to our business. 

LNW & Growing international market demand

Demand for Made-in-Vietnam products is growing rapidly. LNW international export services provides Vietnamese brands for international markets, opening new market opportunities.  Whether you are an international wholesaler, distributor or retailer looking for high quality Vietnamese products for your market, LNW’s team of experts can help you succeed.

LNW & International product sourcing

Expand your product offerings with high quality, competitively priced international products. LNW strong vendor relationships in key world markets and international shipping experience allow us to deliver customized import product lines to Vietnam retailers that meet customer demands and integrate seamlessly with your operations.

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